Clásica/Classic Guitar



Largo: 475 mm
Lobulo inferior: 375 mm
Lobulo superior: 273 mm
Cintura: 227 mm
Escala: 650 mm
Unión del mástil y el cuerpo en el traste 14º


Length: 475 mm
Lower bout: 375 mm
Upper bout: 273 mm
Waist: 227 mm
Scale length: 650 mm
14th fret neck joint


Acoustic ports (or soundports, as they are also called) typically are circular holes cut into the sides of a guitar near the neck. They are a relatively new concept with some subtle but very real acoustic advantages.

Acoustic ports function something like the soundhole in that they work in partnership with the inner air resonances of the instrument to release sound from the instrument. But the sound that comes from the port is primarily (if not entirely) for the player's benefit, allowing the player to hear the sound of the guitar more completely.


In modern, highly projecting guitars, this is particularly beneficial.

Acoustic ports on the sides near the neck have little or no effect on the sound that the audience hears at the front of the guitar. This is perhaps surprising and somewhat counterintuitive, as most people (myself included) initially think that there would be a loss of sound. This is easy to test, however, by covering and uncovering the acoustic port while playing.

But if there is no effect on the sound for the audience at the front of the guitar, there is a definite and positive effect for the player, who can now hear much more easily and completely the sound of the instrument.

Fritz Mueller

Maderas Barber has great experience supplying wood for guitar and all kinds of musical instruments. Our woods are specially selected among the best quality and carefully stored year after year in our warehouse, thus probably making up the largest assortment of woods for musical instruments in the world. 


NitorAQUA Lacquer


It has the ability to be the lacquer that lets the wood sweat more to obtain a unique sound on the guitar.

Does not evaporate solvents, environmentally friendly


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